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Hi! I am Beth, the Butcher’s Wife, and I consider myself one lucky gal! I am married to the best butcher in town, have 3 of the most adorably handsome boys you will ever see (and no I do not want a girl and I don’t feel ripped off because I don’t have a girl- I am a boy mom and I LOVE being a boy mom!) and I am blessed with great family and friends! I have ALWAYS loved to cook and I LOVE to look at, and collect recipes and recipe books. I could spend all day browsing recipes online or looking through real cookbooks (while sipping a Diet Coke of course!) I love to develop recipes for what fits my family and I love being able to share them with family and friends…and now I can share them with you! I love being in the kitchen…it’s my happy place and I could spend all day cooking (and eating)! I prefer salty over sweet but will never turn away a maple bar, brownies, carrot cake, a Kit Kat, or Cadbury Mini Eggs! I am a home body! I don’t even really care to travel unless my hubby and boys are with me! Disneyland is our FAVORITE place and I totally would be ok just eating the food and enjoying the atmosphere and not even riding a ride! I love being home, love spending time with my family and am the happiest when we have quiet nights at home together! I love to read…I would rather read a good book than watch a movie; and once I see a movie I don’t ever want to see it again… once is enough! I love…like really love.. meeting new people. Those that know me well know I love to chat!!! I can talk about nothing (or something) for hours! So while this new world of blogging is completely overwhelming and intimidating to me, I am so glad that I will be able to connect with and meet new people! Join me as I share my favorite recipes with you, share tips from the Butcher Man and share my endless ramblings about food (and many other random things)!

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Loves, Beth, The Butcher’s Wife

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