Perfect Holiday Punch

Perfect Holiday Punch

Perfect Holiday Punch is great for the holidays and kids love it! It is easy to make and delicious! A holiday punch is a must have at all of our holiday parties! The kids love it and the best part is that it isn’t red! So it won’t stain your […]

Family Friendly Frozen Strawberry Mocktail

We love frozen drinks at our house, especially now that the weather is warming up! This Frozen Strawberry Mocktail is family friendly without alcohol. It is simple, delicious and cold! Perfect for warm spring days and those upcoming hot summer nights! For the strawberry flavor I use a Strawberry Daiquiri-Margarita […]

Family Friendly Frozen Pina Coladas

If you love coconut and pineapple then this frozen drink is for you! This Frozen Pina Colada is family friendly since it is non-alcoholic, but it does not disappoint. It has a sweet pineapple, creamy coconut flavor that will have you wishing you were on a beach or at least […]