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Grilled Mac N Cheese Sandwich

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Who knew?!!! With 3 growing boys, there is one thing we love at our house and that is Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! Seeing as how it’s a day to celebrate I figured I would kick it up a notch and make the best most melty, cheesy […]

Homemade Flour Tortillas

For years I tried to make homemade flour tortillas and every time I tried they would be stiff, and crisp and there was no way I was going to make a rolled stuffed burrito with them….until now! I love making things from scratch and love the fresh flavor you get. […]

Crockpot Mexican Chicken

Crockpot Mexican Chicken

Crockpot Mexican Chicken is perfect for all of your Mexican dishes! It is easy to make and full of flavor! I love Mexican food and I love anything I can make in my crockpot! There’s nothing better than throwing all the ingredients in a crockpot. Letting it cook all day […]

Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta | The Butcher's Wife

Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta

**RECIPE UPDATED MAY 29, 2020! Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta is comfort food that will leave you full and happy! This creamy parmesan sauce is loaded with some deliciously Creole seasoned chicken (the flavor is subtle), bacon, green onions and is served over your favorite pasta! It is a meal that […]