S’mores Cookie Bars

S’mores Cookie Bars are all you love about s’mores baked with chocolate chip cookies to make the perfect cookie bars! Summertime means lazy days at the pool swimming, BBQs with family and friends, and campfires and smores!!! Who doesn’t loves s’mores!!!?? They are one of our favorite family treats and […]

Easy Homemade Chocolate Brownies

Easy Homemade Chocolate Brownies are rich and chewy, soft and perfect to satisfy those chocolate cravings! I have two brownie recipes on the blog. This recipe and my Double Chocolate Brownies. The main difference being the chocolate flavor. I experimented over and over to find the perfect brownie! I came […]

THE BEST RECIPE! Homemade Chocolate Sauce - rich, smooth, creamy and dreamy

Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Chocolate sauce is smooth, creamy and down right dreamy! It will fix those chocolate cravings and leave you wanting more! Really I have no words for this chocolate sauce other than to say it is heavenly and delicious and a must try! It is a chocolatey, smooth and creamy […]

Perfect Pecan Cheesecake Squares

A few years ago I had the best Pecan Cheesecake dessert. It had a soft shortbread crust, then a layer of sweet and smooth cheesecake, topped with pecan pie! My mom loves pecan-anything, so I knew she would love this. So I went on the hunt so I could make […]