Fast and Easy Meals

Corn tortilla taquito with chicken bacon and ranch

Chicken Bacon Ranch Rollups

Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquito Rollups are easy to make and have the perfect filling with chicken, bacon and ranch! Make these rollups with corn or flour tortillas and bake them or air fry them! Corn or Flour Tortillas? Corn or flour tortillas? It really comes down to personal preference as […]

plate of chicken and rice

Easy Chicken and Rice Bake

Easy Chicken and Rice Bake is one of the most delicious easy meals that I make and everyone loves it! It is fast and easy to make, but so yummy! **Recipe updated January 2021 – still the same, just some little fixes! Fast Dinner But Takes Time This easy dinner […]

Easy Mongolian Chicken

Easy Mongolian Chicken is a delicious Asian inspired dish that everyone will love! It comes together fast, is easy to make, is full of delicious flavor and never disappoints. If you like Mongolian Beef you will love this Mongolian Chicken! The sauce has a sweet, smooth ginger taste and is […]

Homemade Bagel Bites

My boys love Bagel Bites (I even find myself sneaking one or two when I bake them)! So I decided that I would make a homemade version and see if they could tell the difference and guess what? They couldn’t! The bagels were a little bit bigger than the frozen […]