Chicken Tostadas

Chicken Tostadas are a family favorite and are made quite often (maybe not as often as my Enchilada Tacos) but pretty often!

These Chicken Tostadas are fast and easy… and pretty healthy!

Chicken tostada with green onions on top

I bake the corn tortillas instead of frying them (you can fry them if you like, head over to my Enchilada Taco blog post to see how I fry my tostadas).

Then top the baked tortilla with sour cream, smooth and creamy refried beans, chicken, cheese, lettuce, green onions, hot sauce and tomatoes (sometimes tomatoes- depending on my mood- usually I dislike tomatoes on my tacos and tostadas).

The Tortillas

I use corn tortillas and bake them in the oven. I prefer a thin style corn tortilla because i think they bake a bit crisper!

To bake them, place the tortillas in a 425 degree oven, right on the rack. I spray them lightly with a bit of cooking spray and then lightly sprinkle some season salt on them (one side only-very lightly, like a dusting).

You have to watch them closely because it seems like they aren’t browning at all and then BOOM!…they are done and almost burning-so watch them closely! I cook 8 tortillas at a time, but usually plan on baking 10-12 depending on appetites. (You will have to bake them in batches, unless you have a large oven, which I do not).

I place the tortillas right on the rack and set my timer for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, I flip each tortilla and flatten them out if they have started to curl around the rack. Then bake them for 2 minutes (set your timer).

Again, take them out, flip them, flatten them as needed, rotate them front to back if needed (my oven cooks hotter in the back so I always rotate mine), then back in to bake for another 2 minutes (set your timer). After this last 2 minutes of baking, mine are usually perfect, so I take them out and set them aside. If yours aren’t quite done let them bake for another minute, but watch them closely!

Baked corn tortillas

The Chicken and Toppings

While my tortillas are baking, I cut up my chicken and cook it with the taco seasoning. TIP: Ground Chicken works great for these as well and you can season it the exact same way.

For my refried beans, I always blend them with my hand mixer because I love my beans smooth (this is totally optional – I just hate chunky refried beans). See below for the hand mixer I have and love! I add a little hot sauce, water and taco seasoning to my beans to get them smooth and creamy, but once again, totally optional.

Prepare your other toppings as needed. Chop your lettuce and green onions and tomatoes, etc.

Making your Easy Chicken Tostada

To make the easy chicken tostada I spread sour cream on the crispy tortilla (so genius), then refried beans, chicken, cheese, then my other toppings. It is the perfect way to get everything in each bite!

Chicken tostada

For my toppings, I love sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot sauce, and green onions. But you can add whatever you like!

Chicken tostada with sour cream, refried beans, chicken, cheese, green onions and hot sauce

I know you will enjoy these as much as we do!

Try my Enchilada Tacos for an easy dinner or my Easy Chicken Rolled Tacos or Enchilada Taco Rollups!

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Close up shot of chicken tostada

Chicken Tostadas

These chicken tostadas are loaded with sour cream, refried beans, chicken, cheese, green onions, lettuce and hot sauce, all on a baked corn tortilla.
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Cook Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 8 tostadas (or more)


  • 3 cups chicken, chopped into tiny pieces (about 1 1/2 lbs.) or ground chicken see notes
  • 1 can (16 oz.) refried beans
  • 1-2 tbsp taco seasoning, divided, to taste for the chicken and refried beans
  • 2 tbsp water (for the beans)
  • hot sauce, for refried beans and for a topping (optional) see notes
  • 8-12 corn tortillas
  • season salt and cooking spray for baking the tortillas- optional see notes
  • 8 oz. sour cream *more as needed
  • 2 cups shredded cheese *more as needed

Additional Tostada Toppings (suggestions)

  • lettuce, chopped
  • green onions, chopped
  • tomatoes, diced


  • Heat your oven to 425 degrees. Take your tortillas and lay them out on the rack. (Rack placed in center of your oven). Lightly spray with a little bit of cooking spray and sprinkle with some season salt (lightly). Set timer for 4 minutes.
  • After 4 minutes, flip the tortillas over to the other side and flatten them out as needed if they have started to curl around the oven racks. Set timer for 2 minutes and let bake again.
  • After the 2 minutes, flip the tortillas again, flatten them as need and rotate the tortillas front to back if needed (my oven cooks hotter in the back) so they bake evenly. Bake for an additional 2 minutes (set your timer). After the 2 minutes, the tortillas should be crispy and starting to brown. If they are not, then watch them closely, and bake until they are doen to your liking. Remove them from the oven and set aside,


  • Cut up your chicken in to tiny pieces. Place in a skillet and cook on medium heat. Add 1/2-1 tbsp. of taco seasoning to the chicken and mix well. Let the chicken cook until it is done and then add more seasoning if needed. (I always use 1 tbsp. of taco seasoning).
    You can also use ground chicken and season it the same way.

Refried Beans

  • Heat your beans on medium-low heat until warmed through. Add 1/2-1 tbsp. taco seasoning, 2 tbsp. water and hot sauce to taste. I use 1/2 tbsp. taco seasoning but you can use more or less (or none).
    If you want smoother refried beans, (this is how I prefer them) then add the 2 tbsp. of water (less if you want your beans really thick), 1/2 tbsp. taco seasoning, and a dash of hot sauce. You can add more taco seasoning, or hot sauce to taste. Then using a hand mixer, mix the beans until smooth. (A blender or food processor works too)

To Make Your Tostada

  • Take your crispy baked tostada (corn tortilla) and spread 1-2 tbsp. (or more) of sour cream on your tostada.
  • Spread 1-2 tbsp. (or more) refried beans, right on top of the sour cream. Spread it evenly. It is ok if the beans and sour cream mix together.
  • Top with about 1/4 cup of cooked chicken, spread evenly on top.
  • Top with shredded cheese.
  • Top with additonal toppings of your choice. We love green onions, lettuce, hot sauce and tomatoes (sometimes tomatoes).


    1. You can use 3 cups of ground chicken for this recipe if you don’t want to take the time to cut up chicken, and then just season it like the recipe states.
    2. You do not have to blend/mix your refried beans with a hand mixer to make them smooth, and you don’t even have to season them like the recipes states.  It is all optional.
    3. You will use the taco seasoning for cooking/seasoning the chicken and for seasoning the refried beans.  I use 1 tbsp. for the chicken and 1/2 tbsp for the refried beans but you can use more or less to taste.
    4. I use hot sauce for the refried beans and as a topping. But this is optional.
    5. This recipe makes 8-12 tostadas depending on how much of the toppings you use.  I can always get 12 tostadas out of the chicken and refried beans.
    6. Top the tostada with whatever toppings you like.
    7. You do not have to spray your corn tortillas with cooking spray or season them with season salt. This is optional.  You can also fry your corn tortillas.  You can see how I fry my corn tortillas by going to my Enchilada Taco post.

Nutrition information is automatically calculated and should only be used as an approximation.

Serving: 1Tostada | Calories: 246kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 21g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 4g | Trans Fat: 0.01g | Cholesterol: 75mg | Sodium: 608mg | Potassium: 266mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 459IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 193mg | Iron: 1mg


  1. 5 stars
    Very yummy, easy to make! We used ground beef with taco seasoning instead of chicken, because that’s what I had on hand. Baking the corn tortillas worked out great (I’ve never done that before)!

    • Beth, The Butcher's Wife

      Julie I am so glad you liked them!!! I love the baked tortillas and ground beef with taco seasoning is always yummy!!! Thanks for trying it and for the comments!!! I appreciate your support!😘😘😘

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