Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife

We are now over a month into this quarantine life (can you believe that is even a thing?!) I feel like we have finally found a rhythm! I have loved having my boys home with me, even with the the school work and remote learning! We miss school, we miss our teachers, we miss sports, we miss our “normal” but we have loved being together, just us, and have had a lot of fun! So what is Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife like?

We have been playing a lot of games around here and they never get old! My boys are 12, 10 (he reminds me daily he will be 11 at the end of May), and 7…so a little bit of an age difference but not too bad! We have found some really fun games that we have loved and I have sharing them with you! Keep reading to find out our Family Favorite Games!

Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife : Outdoor Family Games!!!

Ladder Ball (Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife Favorite)

We love LADDER BALL! My cute sister and law and her hubby have this game at their house and it has always been my boys favorite thing! We finally got us one on Amazon and they play it every day!

If you have never heard of ladder ball then you are missing out! It seems so simple you will think how can this be fun?! But let me tell you, the simplicity of it is what makes it so fun! Everyone gets so competitive when playing this and it will make every backyard BBQ super fun for all ages! (Ignore the lawn in the pic below-it needs mowed!)

Ladder Ball - Family Favorite Games | The Butcher's Wife

The point of the game is to toss your balls on the rope on to the ladder. Simple! You stand a bit away from the ladder, and you have 3 turns to get them on the ladder. Each rung on the ladder is worth points. The top rung, since it’s considered the easiest to hit, is worth one point for every ball that wraps on it, the middle is worth 2 points each, and the bottom (which is the hardest for most) is worth 3. If you are lucky enough to get all 3 balls on one rung you get one extra point. The first team or person to hit 21 wins! If any balls fall off when you are throwing the other ones, you lose those points! My boys have learned just the right technique and even have mastered how to have the balls bounce on the ground to bounce up and wrap around the bottom rung! It is fun, easy and a family favorite!

Giant Jenga

JENGA! What is more fun than Jenga! It is another simple one that is great for all ages but this one is giant! We have loved having this to play outside (it still ends up inside too) and it is so much more fun knowing a giant stack of blocks is coming your way if you tip it! The boys play this for hours and I love hearing them laugh (and occasionally fight) when the tower falls!

Giant Jenga came with a nice carrying case and a some rules with a new fun twist on playing! You can see some of the blocks have numbers on them. If you decide to play with “Fun Rules” then the numbers are used. On your turn if you pull a block with a number, you have to do what it says. The boys love #8-you get to pick which block the next player has to pull (which can make the other person tip the tower and lose).

FULL DISCLAIMER: This was not as giant as I thought it would be! I had visions of it being 5 feet tall or larger. It is still giant compared to regular Jenga, and for the price it is totally worth it. If you are looking for a super big one, there are some on Amazon that cost more! We are fine with this version of “Giant” and it wasn’t too pricey!

Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife : CARD GAMES!!!!

We have been playing a lot of card games since the first few weeks of quarantine weather wasn’t the best! Here are some of our favorites! We all can play them, even my 7 year old!

What Do you MEME? Family Edition (Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife Favorite)

This is by far our most FAVORITE card game we have ever played! We have laughed non-stop and is a game we could play for hours!

If you have never played a What Do You MEME? game let me tell you a little bit about it. I am sure you familiar with MEMEs and how funny they can be. This game is all about the MEMEs and you have certain cards that are the captions for the funny MEME. Somebody is “it” and they pick a MEME from the card pile and show it to everyone. Everyone has a hand of caption cards to play on the MEME. The other players look at their cards that have captions on them and they pick the one they think is the funniest (or the one that they think will win)! Let me tell you, there are some really funny (family friendly) MEMEs in this game and even funnier captions!

The best part: This one is family friendly so you don’t have to worry about inapproprote MEMEs or captions popping up!

What do you MEME Family? - Family Favorite Games | The Butcher's Wife


I bought this game on a whim and mentioned it to my sister and she said they love the game. They are game players at their house, so I knew if they liked it, we would too! And guess what? We loved it!

This one was a bit intimidating to figure out, but so simple once we got the hang of it. I think I over-thought the instructions. Just play it and it will come to you as you play.

Let me try and briefly explain the game: You choose to be either a taco or burrito, it doesn’t matter which, the game is basically the same. The “taco” or “burrito” is what holds your cards and you are basically building a meal out of cards that have points. (Don’t mind my poor quarantine nails in the picture..I have missed getting them done so much!)

Taco vs. Burrito - Family Favorite Games | The Butcher's Wife

Cards are placed in your “taco” or burrito” and they each have points or an action. The person with the best (highest points) in their taco or burrito wins! To help you win, you want to play cards that hurt the other players taco/burrito while adding cards worth points to your own.

It is a fun game we love to play and it’s a nice change from standard card games. The funny cards make us laugh every time!

UNO Flip

Move over UNO…UNO Flip is in town and it is so much fun!

It is the beloved UNO game you know and love but with a twist! The cards are double sided ​which is what makes this game so much more fun than regular UNO. You can see there is “dark” side and “light” side. You keep all of the cards facing the same side and start playing on the “light side”.

UNO FLIP - Family Favorite Games | The Butcher's Wife

You play like regular UNO, but you have a FLIP card that can be played. When this FLIP card is played…BAM!… all of the cards are flipped over, even the draw pile, and you have a new set of cards. The dark side has some cards that can give the other players a disadvantage like Draw 5+ cards and lose your turn…so it is fun! But remember the back side of your cards can be seen by other players, so if they are paying attention they may be able to anticipate your moves once the cards flip!

This card game is such a fun twist on UNO! The FLIP card makes this game unexpected and so much fun! This is another one we love and could play over and over!

Quick Cups

This game is one of our favorites It is so simple. My 7 year gets a little frustrated because he isn’t as quick as his older bothers but he still loves it!

This game is another simple one for almost all ages. Four people can play and each player has a set of cups. A card will be revealed and you will have to stack or arrange your cups to match the picture. Some are just in a line, some are stacked, and sometimes there is a combo! It is fun and fast moving, but never gets old!

On The Dot

This one is not as easy for my 7 year old and can be frustarting at times. But we love the challenge. It is simple in theory but takes brain power to play.

Each player gets a set of cards with dots. You have a stack of cards with dots in a certain order and one is flipped over (it is “it”). The challenge is you have to match up your cards, arranging them perfectly so they match the pattern on the “it” card.. You have to use all of your cards. It sounds easy but can be tricky. The challenge of it makes us determined to keep playing and we all want our turn of winning and conquering the card.

Quarantine Life with the Butcher’s Wife is full of Family Favorite Games! These are some of the games we love at our house, and they have saved us during this crazy quarantine!

If and when we try new ones I will update this post!

I hope you all are staying in, staying happy and healthy! Love you!

Loves, Beth, The Butcher’s Wife

Quarantine Life with the Butcher's Wife - family favorite games

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