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Firecracker Chicken

Firecracker Chicken is packed with heat and little bit of sweet! Served over rice it is an Asian inspired dish that everyone will love and come back for more! When the Butcher Man and I were first married there was this delicious Thai food restaurant that we loved going to. […]

Easy Mongolian Chicken

Easy Mongolian Chicken is a delicious Asian inspired dish that everyone will love! It comes together fast, is easy to make, is full of delicious flavor and never disappoints. If you like Mongolian Beef you will love this Mongolian Chicken! The sauce has a sweet, smooth ginger taste and is […]

Chicken Egg Rolls

Easy Chicken Egg Rolls are delicious for a snack or a main dish! They can be baked or fried, but either way they will leave you wanting more! If you love egg rolls you will love this recipe! My mom (who is the best mom ever in the history of […]

Cream Cheese Chicken Wontons

Wontons are the perfect appetizer, or if you’re like me I could eat a plateful for a meal! The yummy little fried (or baked) wrappers stuffed with cream cheese, chicken and green onions are the most perfect and flavorful bite!! Dip them in Sweet and Sour Sauce and you have […]