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The perfect Easter Marshmallow Treats made with Peeps cereal

Easter “Peeps” Marshmallow Treats

Easter “Peeps” Marshmallow Treats is a marshmallow treat made with Peeps cereal! It is soft, sweet, full of marshmallow goodness, and kid approved! Top off your Marshmallow Treats with Peeps marshmallows and you have a delightful Easter treat! Who doesn’t love Rice Krispy Treats/Marshmallow treats? No matter the time of […]

Easter Crinkle Cookies- bright fun sugar cookie perfect for Easter

Easter Crinkle Cookies

Easter Crinkle Cookies are a soft sugar cookie rolled in powdered sugar to get a crinkle top! They are sweet, fun and perfect for Easter! I was scrolling through Pinterest and some cute colorful cookies caught my eye! They were bright, fun and were the crinkle cookies I loved to […]

Simple Carrot Cake, Easy Carrot Cake

Yummy Carrot Cake

Yummy Carrot Cake is easy to make! It is simple but delicious! A moist carrot cake with a sweet and creamy cream cheese frosting makes this cake amazingly delicious! I love carrot cake and the creamy and thick cream cheese frosting that is spread on top! I love it! Simple […]